A Day at the Beach

Since we’re 2+ days from closing, and this was our last “free” weekend we braved the beach in the cold. OK, so it’s not really cold, it was 64 today. But it was really windy, so yeah, we were brave.

I know that most of my peeps are enduring the cleanup of somewhere between 15 and 300 inches of snow, so I thought maybe they would like a little change of scenery!

The hubs said it was mean to tease them – while he was sending pics to his peeps!

Anyway, here is some joy for all you snow covered people!

Wind Surfing
See? Windy!
My Own Private Beach
Doesn’t this Look Inviting?

After a brisk walk we called it a win and went home.

Next weekend we’ll be dealing with the chores that come with a house, but for now, we’re still free. Oh, who am I kidding? House or not, there will be many days I pretend I’m working when really, I’m at the beach!

Someday my sad little house will have a tiny cozy guest room. If you want to see my beach, make some travel plans!

See you soon!

Finding the Sad Little House

In the fall we started a journey to find a house. We landed in Pensacola back in August and pretty quickly decided we love it here. In spite of all the dire warnings that we’d hate it, that it was an awful place, there is something about this place that is just quirky enough to accept us!

So here we are, strange people in a strange setting. We don’t know anyone. We don’t know anywhere. We started going to open houses on Saturdays to interview realtors. We met some real stinkers, but then we met Dominique. She was a little careful with us, but she also engaged with us. She started asking about what we wanted, locations we liked, things we liked to do. Instead of an information grab, it was a conversation. We liked that. Dominique helped us pick the ideal starting date so we would not have to break our lease, and then we really started looking.

We have a certain way of doing things and Dominique was more than willing to help us get to the goal. We have owned 3 houses so far, and our favorite one was kind of an “AH-HA!” moment when we found it. The one we liked least we had to talk ourselves into, and the one in the middle, one of us loved it and the other didn’t. We decided to look ’til we got another “AH-HA!” moment.

Dominique and I did a ton of pre-looking during the week, and on the weekend the three of us would look over the short list. We saw some promising places, some in the ideal neighborhood, some not. Some had a pool, some had a ton of space, some had a few projects, some didn’t. But no “AH-HA!”

Then one day, just as I was ready to quit ’til spring, we all went and looked at 3 places. One was a repeat that was workable, one was seemingly perfect – until we go there and saw there was literally a boat yard on the other side of the fence! And no, it was not a line of high end yachts along the fence line. They were all broken down, neglected and forgotten. It was where boats come to die. I thought Dominique was going to cry!

The third place was this smaller space. No landscaping, nothing special. Just a sad little house. It was a rental, and the renters were pretty much hoarders. But we walked in and both of us got the “AH-HA!” Again, I think Dominque wanted to cry!

Ignore the date on the picture, but this is the front of the sad house that will be ours on 1 February. It still looks much the same, maybe a little more worse for wear.

The back is not much better:

We must figure out what to do about the spectacular view!

Anyway, that’s the story of the finding of the place. Check back soon to share in the adventures of making it into a joyful bungalow!