As everyone in the free world could have predicted, my termite claim was denied.


Because, as the claim guy told me, “If you see a termite, immediately rip out all your drywall and check for damage, then call us and we’ll come out when we’re good and ready and tell you if the damage qualifies. Which it won’t. Then it’s on you to re-drywall and paint your place at your expense. But please be sure to continue to pay extra for this coverage on the off chance we decide to pay you a couple bucks for a 2×4.”

Needless to say I was irritated.

Because the claim was denied?

No, I expected that.

I was irritated because I have waited over a month for this. And the first thing he said when I answered was, “I should have called you back 2 weeks ago, but your file was mislaid.”

Really? By whom? How? I have had that dickhead Chris supposedly emailing you for updates every week or so.

Yesterday I called the manager, and all of a sudden there is action?

WTFEver you bunch of assholes.

So for about an hour I was totally over it, all the fight is gone. The Hubs told me to write a letter, which I don’t even care enough to do.

And then…

“Please take our survey.”

So I did.

And that made me feel better.

Do I think for a moment anyone at all will be held accountable?

Of course not, this is not my first day out of the box.

Eventually I will call and drop their worthless claims coverage. And if I am still even moderately irritated, I will call someone else and have them do pest control.

Suck it Terminix.

To be completely honest, while all this was going down, I was texting with Brandon about my cabinets. Consequently, I may not have been paying 100% attention to whatever the jerk on the phone was blathering on about.

Upshot: Cabinets are in and we will be loading them up on Saturday. I have no clue when they will be installed.

I find I am not able to get sufficiently excited about this development at the moment.

I feel sort of like,

Yay, cabinets are in. BFD.

The kittens pulled their water fountain over again this morning, that started the day off right. If anyone is interested in a slightly used kitten, let me know, I’ll be happy to box one up and ship it off to you.

Just kidding.

A little.

Let’s roll back to yesterday because this day kinda sucks.

I did some yardwork. I have a tip for you:

If it’s humid and over 75, jeans are NOT a good choice.

I planted some herbs:

That one on the bottom right was assaulted the other night. It’s catnip, we don’t know if a cat is hungover somewhere, something stepped on it, or what. The one behind it was right next to it and is fine. Weird. This morning they all seemed perky, so this seems to have been a one-and-done.

There’s also a couple of dill plants, and a cilantro. This is pretty much an experiment to see what will grow here, but I did amend the soil with cow poop, compost, and peat moss.

I also put some beet seeds and pepper plants in my newest vege garden:

I wonder if they will grow. I don’t know if the rest of this patch will be more potatoes or tomatoes. I guess it depends who digs a hole first!

I started the side garden. It’s slow going because there are a ton of obstacles to deal with.

I dug up a volunteer Mexican Petunia and relocated it:

I’ll give it a few weeks to see if survives. If it does, I’ll dig the rest and either plant them or re-home them.

My plan was to get to the pump:

Thankfully, there is not much grass, and the soil is loose, I have no idea what pitfalls lie just below the surface of this area. I did a little surface skimming and some amending of this area. I got the bricks in and then planted the new camellia (at least I think that is what this is:

Next time I go out, maybe Friday, I’ll lay down some cardboard and then mulch to just past the petunia. Once I finish painting all the blocks, we will rejigger what is there and then gravel or mulch around it.

We put a lot of thought into doing a screening bench that we could put potted plants on, but when we did the measuring, it just wasn’t feasible as the green cap you see in this pic is about hip-high. For now we’re gonna do plantings and then see how the summer and fall unfold while we have more time to pay attention to it.

That is if this house stops lighting fires for us to put out.

I don’t have high hopes for that.


10 thoughts on “Despondent

  1. Bugs & birds. I pretty much hate them both. And mice. So much damage they can do. I spent two springs in a row trying to prevent some damn kind of bird from either, A. tapping on my windows 18 hours a day or, B. building it’s nest over my front entry light or the back of my deck staircase. After weeks of failing to prevent either, my husband just shot it. And I didn’t shed a tear. In fact, I cheered him on when he walked out the front door with a gun. ‘Effing wildlife. *rolls eyes*

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  2. I am right there with you… my sister works at a bird rescue, and I’m like, “WHY?” I really hate the ones that make themselves known, look, I don’t bother you, the least you can do is not let me see you, and for the love of God, don’t eat or poop or procreate in/on my damned house!!!!

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      • Sorry, not sorry. When birds peck at your windows 18 hours a day for many weeks, damage custom barn board siding and build nests in dangerous places (when there are a GAZILLION safe places to nest where I live.) they need to go. I tried. I tried several passive methods to deter them, to persuade them to leave, but to no avail. I have zero regrets and I’ll resolve this issue the same way again this spring if it happens, but much quicker than I did last year.

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  3. Sigh. I’m not even a little bit surprised by the termite saga but I do want to know WTF has happened to service in this day and age. It will not be of any help to you and your current situation, but I spent all day struggling (and eventually marched into an office in person with the Wrath of the Gods in my heart) to try to get help to get a prescription filled that’s now almost 3 weeks overdue and was “taken care” but in reality was not. Frustrating to be sure.

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  4. Sounds like “Murphy” moved in with you, he is not my friend either. I saw where someone was having an issue with their builder fixing a poorly done front facing that was coming loose and they said it wasn’t harming the structural integrity of the home and he was on his own. Well he made a tic toc (because that always gets more views) of this struggle with pictures of the loose facing on the front by his front porch and pictures inside his attic with the horrible looking shoddy work and got 1 mil views and low and behold the builder contacted him and I think they asked him to take it down and that he told them no people should know what to expect from a builder before choosing one. They were over there quickly to fix the problems. lol I saw it posted on youtube, hehe. Wonder if that would work for you? He was polite in the tic toc just going over the problems and that the builder said it wasn’t their problem for whatever reason.

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    • I did finally get some of the docs for the actual coverage, and after reading them over it’s clear they don’t cover much of anything. I think companies all over do that, tell you that they will repair or pay for damage done, but then when it comes down to it, they don’t because whatever happens to you just happens to be outside of the coverage.
      We did do that before, shame the builder into fixing stuff in out last house. I doubt any amount of shaming or leverage against Terminix will be wasted here, they seem immune to it!
      I did decide to write my letter, I’ll be sending it to corporate instead of local people.

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