A Cabinet

This morning we met Brandon at the crack of 9 to pick up our cabinets.

There was a little bit of consternation on my part (and maybe Brandon’s as well), when they brought out 3 palettes of really big boxes.

I could not see how all those boxes were gonna fit on a dinky trailer.

But fit they did. All of them.

They all got tied down and then off we went toward home.

After about 30 uneventful minutes, Brandon was backing into the driveway. We unloaded all the boxes and Brandon offered to install some cabinets.

He kept saying things like, “On my day off, I’ll…”

But we were a little desperate and asked him to install the pantry cabinet. He agreed. It took him about an hour to get that thing in the corner, leveled, and secured.

Since you ask, I AM kicking myself that I didn’t get that last part painted. In my defense, we only took that last old cabinet out last night. I spent the evening mudding and sanding and snotting. It was about 11:30 when I finally finished. I should have at least painted the part you can see. Now I’ll have to tape it all up so I don’t get paint on the cabinet.

Here are the rest of the cabinets:

It’s gonna be a minute til Brandon can install them. Which means it’ll be a minute til I can get my car back in here! The Hubs thinks things can be consolidated and the car will fit.

Sure, I used to be great at Tetris, let’s do this!

After Brandon left, I found I was completely spent. I mean weird, right? I didn’t actually do anything but stress all morning. We figured after lunch we would feel differently.


I did drag the rest of my pump blocks onto some cardboard and put a first coat on them. I can’t be bothered to do a second one, though.

So much for setting them all up tomorrow!

The Hubs added some knobs to the pantry cabinet:

There is not a lot of contrast here, but I like the glass glob knobs, so they’ll stay til I hate them.

We put the shelves in:

At some point, this will be jammed full of stuff that may or may not stay in here. Right now it will be good to have some kitchen stuff out of the garage and out of the dining room.

I’ll be completely honest here. I don’t love this cabinet. I like the color, I’m OK about the style (I wanted flat doors), but I am not a fan of giant cabinets. I know their value, and the Hubs drove this one into being here. There is supposed to be a cabinet over the fridge, but I am not 100% sure it will work with the space we have. Brandon already identified a pretty important piece that is missing, so I’ll be on a wild hunt for that next week. Maybe if the fridge is snugged up to the cabinet it will all fit together, I dunno. I’m leaving it to better people to figure out. Maybe it’ll look good when it’s all complete. Right now it looks janky.

In the meanwhile, that unpainted stripe is probably gonna make me crazy.

4 thoughts on “A Cabinet

  1. Tetris brought back memories! It gives you a lot of storage space. I know you will figure something out about the strip, maybe tape the side of the cabinet and gently paint the part that shows lol.

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  2. In your defense, I think it’s very, very hard to love an incomplete picture. As hard as it is, try to hold off on forming an opinion until you have all the cabinetry installed. Patience is not one of my virtues (do I actually have any at all?), but that would be my advice. I think it’s going to look great once everything is in place. I could live with that unpainted strip forever. Not kidding. So odd, how some things will drive me totally bonkers and other things just don’t faze me at all.

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    • Patience… Is that the virtue that prevents you from killing your teenager?? If so, I used ALL of mine up by 2008.
      I’m trying not to judge too harshly… A little.
      It is unpredictable what is going to irritate me. Sometimes it’s stuff I can control, and more times it’s not… which is not good for the patience!

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