I Got Nuthin’

Last night I had planned to get up and get some planting and whatnot done in the side garden.

I got up and it was 41 degrees.

Yep, not going out there.

OK, that was a convenient excuse. I got up and really didn’t feel like hauling dirt and poop around. I took the day.

The Hubs went to work so I did my noisy chores. I’m not gonna lie, I get a kick out of terrorizing the cats with the vacuum! Mayhem was playing chicken with me, but Havoc chose to hide and I was unable to flush her out. In fact, hours later, I still have not seen her. I guess her hiding place is soundproof.

Sunday we stopped at the granite place to look at some stones. Of course I was completely unprepared with paint chips and wood samples. We just looked.

If price were no object, we both agreed on this slab:

I don’t know how it would look with all the other materials we have going on, but it looks like moving water and that is always a winner. Not sure how it would look honed and leathered, so it may be a non-starter.

This one is the safe bet:

I had planned to make an appointment Monday and see if they would give me ballpark estimates on both and perhaps leather a sample for me. But when I called, the lady who answered said her name was Maryanne, and when I said I wanted to make an appointment, I swear she let out the loudest sigh I have heard in a while.

Mostly I don’t care if people are work-haters, but I have to admit, I have never actually been SIGHED at and it threw me. She told me I could not make an appointment til my cabinets are in. Oh, and they are scheduling in April.

See my issue? If I wait til my cabinets are in, I could be making an appointment a month out from then, plus add the samples and that maybe tacks on another week.

But whatever.

That is where we are.

On cabinets, we were able to manhandle them around the garage:

Now the car fits.

We toyed with the idea of moving one or two into the house in order to get rid of the last old cabinets, but then decided if they got damaged somehow (spilling fountains or whatever), we would not be happy. So, in the garage they stay.

We’ve been talking about a couple of electrical items we want done (and don’t want to do). Today I called a few people and made an appointment for the end of the month to have an electrician come out and do them. He said it would take a day to add a circuit, move a pendant light, drop an internet line, and swap out the stove breaker. He gave me no end of grief about the breaker, though. Maybe it does not need replacing. Since it’s scheduled for the day the Hubs goes to work, he’ll have to write a detailed note about what he wants done so I don’t tell them the wrong thing.

In a perfect world, all this will be done before Brandon gets time to do the cabinets. But in this world, they will happen on the same day and everyone will be tripping all over each other.


6 thoughts on “I Got Nuthin’

  1. What I learned about granite counters: Buy the one you LIKE. They are ALL expensive and unless you move in a year or two, they’re there for life. I don’t care for the leathered/honed or raw edge look of anything. It’s just not my jam and I never want any materials in my house that require “special” treatment. Easy and durable are my main criteria. I picked a big, beautiful slab with a really interesting (and large) swirl in it. Where did the cutters cut it? Right down the middle of the swirl. Yeah. That irks me every time I look at it, especially since I have so much counter space to work with. But hey, stone cutting isn’t my craft so I tell myself maybe that was the only choice they had? I dunno. Otherwise, I love my counters.

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    • I’m with you on the raw edge craze, I always imagine shit getting stuck and fermenting in the grooves. I love the leathered finish, the Hubs likes honed, so that is where we landed. I don’t love shiny kitchen surfaces, expect a backsplash.
      I hear you on the wrong cut, I imagine the best part of my choice will be right where the sink goes! It’s always hit or miss, and that stinks because of the cost.
      And there is always a 50/50 chance once I am done with this house, we will move. It’s how we roll. We had a house I made perfect in RI a few years back, then we moved. My beloved contractor is still ticked off about that! We also left Richmond right after we put in a 12′ x 4′ island that I loved! But we discussed it this AM, and if the blue stone works, it’s probably what we’ll get.

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  2. I honestly do not understand how the completely lack of any kind of engagement with the work you do has come to pass. It is everywhere (Not that this makes any of us feel better) and I am just absolutely over it. Trying to get one thing scheduled AND completed correctly/appropriately takes effort of a herculean size and I just don’t have it in me.

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  3. Agree! When did it become the consumer’s responsibility to make jobs get done???? I want real world back, where you called someone, they swung into action and poof, you had what you wanted!


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