Non Update

There’s not a whole lot going on around here right now. I guess you could say I’m resting on my laurels.

Or I’m getting ready for the next big thing.

Kinda wish I knew what it was gonna be!

In the absence of house drama, I’ve been reading. I just finished Chrysalis, the 3rd book about Jeremey Logan by Lincoln Child. I think I’ve talked about this character before. Anyway, it’s not anything highbrow, just a thriller. I used to read a lot of thrillers and horrors, but I really don’t too much anymore. Maybe I need to get back to that. I can remember reading some books through the night because I was too scared to go to sleep.

Mostly I read in the late afternoon. I lay down on the couch and open a book. Out of nowhere, Mayhem will jump up and stuff himself in next to me.

Time to read:

Actually, all my favorite authors are either dead or just lending their name to new authors. Or, handing off characters to other writers. On the whole, I don’t disagree with this practice, but the new authors more often than not fundamentally change the characters. I can’t get with that. Write your own if you’re gonna do that.

Next time I go to the library, I’m gonna get another thriller.

I’ve been working away at my knitting projects.

I have finished the back and both fronts of my sweater:

Up next is the sleeves. Yikes. I’m thinking I might do them at the same time for uniformity. I was thinking of a variation on magic loop, but it might just be better to drag out 2 needles and just do 10-20 rows on one, then the same amount on the other.

While I’ve been avoiding starting the sleeves, I’ve been working on this shawl:

I have 14 more rows before the next part. I did make a grave error a bunch of rows back (I somehow added an extra hole). When I noticed it, I gave myself 4 rows to make another mistake so I could rip it all out and start over. But oddly, all the counts worked out perfectly. I decided that since I had started this over twice already, I could live with an extra hole. Besides, I’m not loving this yarn, so I really just want to finish this and send it into the world!

Guess what? My bricks went on sale! Hurrah! As soon as I discovered this miracle, I went outside to measure off how many bricks I want to get to finish a few projects.


Give or take.

We went out and got 54 bricks at $.25 each. Over the next few days we’ll go back and get more. And I might get some extra because the Hubs has now floated the idea of making a gravel “moat” around the whole house.

I don’t know how many more bricks I’ll need for that. I suppose I can measure it off tomorrow while we’re out there. I have a little over a week til the sale ends… 50 blocks every time I go out?

I think I just discovered what the next big thing is.


12 thoughts on “Non Update

  1. Your sweater looks great. I have sworn off sweaters that need to be seamed. Did not enjoy that with my recent Deschain. The cable down the center stripe of the shawl looks great. If you want to try a political thriller, I highly recommend books by David Pepper.

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  2. Thank you! I’m really only doing this sweater because the last one I tried bested me. I cannot let that stand! I will look into David Pepper, it maybe will fill a hole in my world 🙂


  3. I usually read during my lunch time. Right now I am reading James Patterson. Trying to get through the Women’s Murder Club series. On #11. Your sweater is looking beautiful! I love all the texture. And that cable on your shawl is fabulous! Love cables. Good luck on your next project.

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