Today I got some closure. This morning about 11:45 I got a call from the window guy. Instead of saying he was on his way, he said it was really raining hard and he wanted to cancel.

I’m sorry, WHAT?

He made noises about installing screens in the rain and it would be better to reschedule.

WTF Dude? Are you made of sugar?

I was on the verge of freaking out, but there were strangers in the house and I didn’t want to scare them. I calmly asked if the weight/balance thing could be done from the inside.

He said it could.

I asked if it was difficult to install a screen door.

He said it wasn’t.

I said, “Great, then you can come and fix the window and if it’s too scary, you can just leave the screens in the garage.”

He was here at 12:10.

When I opened the door he said, “It was raining really hard downtown.”

WTF Dude, are we downtown? Nope. Get your ass out there and install 2 freaking screens. Then get in here and fix my kitchen window.

At 12:35 he was on his way.

Really? WTF Dude? It’s rain.

Tomorrow the inspector comes and then I am so done with Folkers, Anisha, and all the other wretched people who sell windows.

I mentioned there were strangers here.

At 8:15 the electrician showed up. The Hubs relayed everything on the list. And then went to work. The electrician got straight to it.

I mean really, is that so difficult? Why can’t the window people operate like this?

There was a long period of measuring, and then he did this:

That stupid light, the one that makes me so crazy, came down.

And then another dude showed up and wires got pulled through the attic. We had them pull Cat6 wire so we could wire the internet in different places and not rely on Wi-Fi. The Hubs also had them install a 20-amp circuit in his office.

Then this happened:

Instead of that ugly light, we’ll now have 3 over the non-existent peninsula.

Right now they look a little weird just hanging there over nothing.

But someday it will all make sense.

I hope.

By 1:30 everyone was gone and I was able to clean up and wash the floor.

While they were working, I was knitting the sleeves of my sweater.

You know what I discovered? I’m gonna run out of yarn. And it’s discontinued. I think the universe does not want me to knit a sweater.

I did get my shawl finished and blocked:

It took me a sec to locate the extra hole, but I eventually did:

It’s not horrible, but I’m still sending it off into the world. It’s made from Rowan baby merino silk dk in the color of strawberry. It’s not as red as looks, it’s a little heathered. It’s 25″ deep and 67″ across.

If anyone wants to give this gem a home, let me know in the comments and I’ll contact you privately and get it to you.

In other news, we finished up the side garden and pump platform:

It’s exactly not what I had in mind. But it’s serviceable, stable, and looks better than it did when we started:

I’ll zhuzh it up over time and be happy enough. I don’t often see it, so it’s not like it’s gonna bug me. Once it all fills in, it’ll be pretty enough to not look abandoned:

That’s what it’s been all about, right? Taking this sad, neglected, unloved house and turning it around.

Two out of three is all I can give currently.

Here’s a little hosta update:

One is pretty much eaten up, one is putting up a good fight, and this one seems oblivious to the struggles!

I think I might actually get one beet this season!

And here is 3 trips worth of bricks:

This is more then enough to line the 4 gardens, the herb garden and the future front yard tree. If we want to pull the trigger on the moat, I’m gonna need 2 more trips of 75 bricks each.

I finally found a place that will take my baby blankets! I used to donate regularly in VA and RI to Project Linus (, but here it’s been a challenge finding a chapter. The Hubs was trying to convince me to become a coordinator, but since I am so socially deficient I don’t think I would have great success at it. I have been looking for a home for my blankets for a while and I have finally found one! It’s called Favor House and they seemed excited to get the blankets. I’ll be going out there Thursday to drop a few off for them.

Maybe I will have an outlet once this house is finally done.


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  1. The shawl looks great! Check on revelry in the stash area, I had to buy some from others there when I ran out for a blanket I was making my granddaughter some years back and it was discontinued. I found almost the amount I wanted and quit one skein short of enough. She didn’t notice and I was happy she liked it.

    Tell your little hosta to hang in there, it’s pretty :), and love your beet, I love beets :).

    Isn’t it great to see your house coming together!

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  2. I love it when someone appreciates what you make them! Sounds like your granddaughter’s a keeper!!
    Sadly, everyone on Rav has either used up what they had or is not selling. I may reach out and try to strongarm someone though! I’ve checked ebay, and less popular sites also to see if anyone has a ball or two lying around under a couch! I’m just gonna pretend i have enough and maybe a ball will appear in my knitting bag!
    I’m cheering on my hosta and hoping a beet or two joins the big one! I love them roasted…
    I do like seeing the house transforming… I hope someday I’ll even grow to like it πŸ˜‰


  3. Much to like about this post! Love the new lights, shawl, gardens/pump area. Things are really starting to take shape with the house … finally. And yeah, service just “Ain’t what it used to be.” anymore. Don’t get me started on that. Can you live with the sweater being short or 3/4 sleeves? That might solve the problem. It would still probably piss me off though and I’d never wear it out of spite. Which kinda defeats the whole purpose, I suppose. I hope the universe coughs up a wayward skein for you.

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    • Thanks! I have a feeling we could both pretty much fill the internet with our thoughts on “ain’t what it used to be” πŸ™‚
      The sweater is already 3/4 sleeves! I am toying with the idea of a contrasting edge. I’m still hoping to find an extra though.


  4. I’m still impressed you can get anyone to show up. I am on contractor/handy-person #6 who theoretically may or may not come on Thursday to repair trim on the upper story roofline that got ripped off during a storm in January. I really like the new lighting fixtures you had installed.

    Can I recommend Project Legacy for your shawl? Just add a tag with fiber content info if you do send it along to them.
    Project Legacy Shawls
    1836 Greenwood Road
    Roanoke, Virginia 24015-2820

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    • Number 6??? Goodnight! What is going on in your neighborhood?! We have a great guy, but he’s so busy. We do know he’s worth the wait and we’ll wait. The electricians were just blind luck, I’m super grateful it worked out, that is for sure.
      Thanks for the recommend! I spent the morning collecting half a dozen shawls I had lying around and packaged them up. As soon as the last 2 are done blocking, I will send them all into the Project Legacy universe where I hope they will provide a small amount of comfort.


      • I wish I could say this was just an odd thing but it’s pretty much everywhere here. You contact someone – they either don’t respond, or schedule a time but don’t show up. We do not have any ‘great guys’ here that I have found (and most of our neighbors say the same thing). It is exceptionally frustrating.

        YAY! I know they will be put to good use. I’m glad you’re sending them.

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      • I guess we really do all want to go back to “real” world! Where people said what they were gonna do and then did it. What is wrong with people these days???


  5. Sorry you had issues with the window guy. I know you will be happy when you are finished with contractors. Love the new lights. Your shawl is beautiful. Do you have too many shawls? I have quite the collection going and will soon have to start giving my away. I do enjoy making them, though.

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    • The Hubs hopes there is an actual END to the contractors!! I’m pretty happy with the lights, they add a little surprise when they are turned on, too!
      With shawls, I LOVE making them, but I hardly ever wear them, even though this is probably the perfect locale for wearing them a lot. The ones I am sending to Project Legacy (RAV group) have been languishing here for a while, it’s time they found their purpose.

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      • I’m like you … love making shawls, but rarely wear one out and about . Oh, I might throw a shawl over my shoulders while sitting around on a chilly night, but when we did our addition we put radiant heat in the great room and that makes such a difference that now we can leave our heat set at a mere 66 and it feels quite comfortable. I think I’ll be sending a few shawls off to Project Legacy, and I’m very happy to be able to contribute to their cause.

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  6. Dealing with people when they cancel for the smallest of reasons–or worse, without any reason and without any notification–is such a hassle. (It happens here in India too.) Leaving that aside though, it’s awesome that the house and the garden are slowly but surely moving towards a satisfactory state.

    The shawl looks gorgeous, and I hope you find (or finagle) some yarn for the sweater.

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