Fair Warning

Yesterday I was mad at the world, so I decided it would not be a good idea to post. The one bright spot was I had to get milk and it was *only* $3.98.

What has happened to my real world?? When is $3.98 a good price for milk??? Of course, gas was $4.45.

The Kraken just told me gas is $5.03 in her town.


Anyway. Who cares? I don’t feel like thinking about this crap today.

While I was watering this morning, I think I saw a couple of seeds sprouting! And one of my blue hostas seems to be trying to live. I’ll believe it when I see it because they look pretty dead. Maybe I should have soaked them overnight before planting them.


Last night after a stressful day, the Hubs put up the first cleat:

Doesn’t look like it, but that is some progress!

Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, but it’s only Thursday and this is my laundry pile so far:

And that doesn’t include towels! And there is only 2 of us here. I can’t imagine what these piles would be if the Kraken still lived with us!

I kinda need my laundry room back!

In garden news…

I finished the front garden. Well, finished taking out all the grass. And I’m happy to report I did not see one creepy crawly thing while doing it. Trust me, I was super vigilant! I had thought I might see the ants that live out there, but the closest I got was a hole. I shoveled out some grass and then the soil started running into a hole.

I stood there watching it for a second, and when it didn’t stop I briefly thought about telling the Hubs to get out of the house! I eventually shoveled dirt into it until it seemed full.

Wouldn’t that just be the cherry on this ice cream? My sad, irritating, tiny house is built on a sink hole.

Yep, I stood there in my front yard, sweating and dirty, laughing like an idiot.

I did not see a hole this morning while I was watering, so maybe it’s not a sink hole but an empty ant house.

I do have new ant activity on the side of the driveway, so perhaps they have relocated themselves.

I have sad news for them: They are not staying.

I transplanted half of my balloon flower:

It looks very stressed, but the Hubs said it would come back. It’s not like he knows, but he seems to say things with authority and that gives me time to adjust my attitude.

If it survives, I will welcome it. If not, I will be ready to move on.

Here’s where we are at the moment:

Now I’m deciding if I should wait to mulch for the other 5 plants to arrive. Or if I should just mulch Saturday. Maybe save a bag for when the plants arrive.

My daylilies are already starting to settle and look happy.

In other news, we added a shelf to the master:

I found these super cute bottles to store stuff in. I’ve been looking for something to put into them for about a week now!

We also added this little basket in case someone forgets a washcloth in the shower:

Tonight there is an HOA meeting for this ‘hood.

Should I go? Well, not really go, it’s a stupid Zoom meeting. I’m trying to decide if I should call in. On the one hand, I might like to know some of the hot gossip around here. On the other, I really could not possibly care less!

Who knew?

Not to make light of this, but I did some back of the envelope math, and this works out to 0.0108% of their entire labor force. Seems to me, that is also the standard deviation for the amount of asshats in any given profession. Could it be possible that the majority of people getting bit are also total assholes to these dogs?

Asking for a friend.

Trying to Measure Up

There are some important things to keep in mind, logistically, when trying to rehab a whole house while moving into it. You have to make some choices – like: which rooms to do first, which rooms are getting tile floors and which rooms are getting carpet?

Then there are more practical considerations, like we can’t just take all the doors down at once and repaint them because: the only room we can paint in doesn’t have enough wall space to line them all up and paint at once, or because you really need at least one bathroom with a working door on it for those…difficult, long-lasting, odorous moments.

So you have to choose which element can be rehabbed first and which ones need to wait.

One nice discovery is that the doors in a builder-grade house tend to fall into a very few size categories. For instance, closet doors and bedroom doors are not the same size. But you have more than one bedroom and more than one closet. Door widths tend to be 24 inches, 28 inches, 30 inches or 32 inches.

An astute observer might think, “Hmmm, I’ll bet I can swap out one door that needs to be painted with another that has already been painted as long as they’re the same size!”

This is very true, so long as you remember that there are left-hand doors (those that swing away and to the left) and right hand doors (doors that swing away and to the right).

As long as you keep all of this in mind, you can swap one door for another (adjusting for slight variations in hinge positions) without too much trouble.

So we bought a bunch of shiny new door knobs to put on our freshly painted doors with freshly boiled and cleaned hinges. It was all going great.

Tonight, we decided to swap out the master bathroom door (unpainted) for a suitable replacement that had already been painted. The replacement had to swing the right way and be the same size.

Well, one out of two is sometimes…still bad.

At least the new hardware looks nice!

Weekend Wrap

The clocks changed last night… Was I the only one who didn’t know til this morning?

Yesterday there was mowing and painting. Today there was light hanging, outlet changing, and not a lot else.

The yard looks less abandoned now, but I did play the painting card because it was chilly. I know it’s March, but I’m kinda ready for the t-shirt weather.

In the master bath we have both lights up, but still no mirrors. Clearly not a priority! But the outlets and switches got changed out and the new plates put on. It feels like a nice clean new space now! I’m currently contemplating what art to add.

The hall bath has come a long way:

A Door!!!!!

I worked on the painting in there yesterday. It’s not completely finished because I wasn’t sure I’d have enough paint for what I had planned. In the end, I didn’t.

The Hubs said it’s like peeing in a squash. We can really delve into how he would know that, but I’ve decided against that.

I added an accent wall of this:

To make the Lollipop a little less loud. I think it works well because you can’t even see this til you’re all the way in the bathroom. The casual visitor will never know my secret!

I can still see the shadow of the blue square I had in there previously, so a second coat of lollipop is needed. I also found a great mirror to hang, but it’s slightly smaller than the public-bathroom one that is there now. Once a mirror is hung elsewhere in the house, I’ll get rid of the crap one and do the second coat at the same time. Once all that cures I can hang a shower curtain and towel bars and all will be right in that bathroom.

I still need to find a fabulous light, but that will take some time and a lot of combing through lighting websites.

BTW, if you’re wondering why we’re changing out switches and outlets, here is a prime example:

I gave some thought to what on earth that might be, but when possibilities started coming to me I stopped.

And thought, “good night, I’ve been touching that.”

I find as I get older my threshold for gross is really changing.

Foiled Again

So I didn’t get my fridge yesterday. Wednesday the website said it was loaded on the truck and I was all set, but Thursday am it said please call… So I did. After being shuffled around, I was finally told the fridge did not make it on the truck and the earliest it would be available is the 15th. Do I want that date?

Is that a trick question?

I said yes, and all was well. Today I get an email thanking me for changing the delivery date and they are so happy to reschedule.

Um… does that mean I had a choice? Because you’re making it seem like I drove the reschedule.

Whatever. Nobody was bleeding. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not a big deal.

We did schlep over and get the food and the vacuum. And this AM I handed over the keys. I’m pretty sure we’ll be back to use the pool at night – and make liberal use of the dumpster when necessary!

This happened:

I’m liking the new light a whole lot better than the old! Right now the one on the right is a dim memory and I’m waiting for mud to dry so I can paint and the Hubs can get the 2nd light up. Maybe there will be mirrors soon as well!

I painted the baseboards and trim in the hall bath. Tonight I got the paint and the plan is to get it on the walls this weekend. I’ve been working on the fixing the walls from the towel bar damage. There was 5 molly bolts holding one of them up! FIVE! What a mess that was! But it’s fixed and textured and ready to be transformed.

Honestly, a door will be a welcome addition to that bathroom!

There will be some yardwork done this weekend. We have these weird black disks in the grass, I have no idea what they are but one of them is teeming with ants. I don’t know if they are some kind of deterrent or trap or what. I’m a little intimidated by this situation and may have to call in a pro. What if that black disk is keeping fire ants out of my house?

I’m so out of my depth here!

But we can mow and weed whack and see where that leads. I might just play the “I gotta paint” card and stay inside!

Anyway… We’ll see what kind of trouble I can find over the weekend!

Another Milestone

Today was a big day around here. I went over to the apartment and finished cleaning and vacuuming. In the rain, I hauled out the rest of the clothes and odds and ends. I still have food in the fridge, and a vacuum over there. But I also have a plan.

When I got home I was going to paint the baseboards in the master bath. Yippee! Imagine how much I was looking forward to that!

But my plans were foiled by the plumber!

That’s right! Today’s big reveal:

And just like that, my bathroom is fully functional! Well, it will be when the caulk dries. And the lights get put up, and the outlets get replaced, and the baseboards get painted… OK, still a work in progress.

Either way, I’ll be loading this up tomorrow and getting rid of a few more boxes!

I have some updates for you… No Cat, I still have not painted your room!

Dwindling chaos

The potty you see here is gone, so there’s progress for ya!


But I have a plan for this as well. It actually looks worse in person.

The living room and office are taking shape.

While the guest room has become a dumping ground!

But we got our keys hung up!

Cool feature… the cedar the hooks are mounted to came from our first house. We had these awful bat-ridden cedar bushes that we eventually took out. The Hubs planed the wood and made a bunch of cool stuff from it. These are from the last few planks

Tomorrow the fridge is being delivered. After it’s all in I’ll head over to the apartment and get the rest of my food.

Then I’ll come home and paint baseboards…


Tiling is FINISHED!

Just the tiling. The grouting starts tomorrow.

Here’s a couple of sneak peaks from last night:

Linen Closet
Looking into the kitchen from the sliding door
Dining Room
Laundry Room

I’m most excited about this! I know the pic shows some left to do, but it got done today, I assure you. I am glad they waited til last to do this because I think I might have said, “Uh, can you take all the other tile back and do my whole house in this?”

The Hubs probably would not have been happy, but I just love the way it looks! I was a little concerned about the transition, but look:


That door is no longer welcome in my home. I’m just leaving it open and living with laundry in the kitchen! Imagine how much better it’s gonna look when grouted!

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Today I finished four more doors. Three left to go. UGH! I could actually kick myself for this. I deliberately picked “Coconut Twist” –

Trim and Doors

for the trim color. It’s white, but not. I was thinking it will be a softer white, less stark, warmer, pretty. But what is actually happening is that I loathe painting trim. And I literally NEVER finish painting the trim. I always say I’m going to, and then never actually do it. I’ll wash it, I’ll touch it up, but after the first room, I never do any more.

Well, all the trim in this sad little house is white. Actually white… at least under all the filth. And here I come with my coconut twist… and now I have to paint it ALL. All 50 million linear miles of it.

Grrr! Why do I do this to myself?

So yeah. Work in progress. I give myself 2 years to get it all done or die trying. I’ll do it room by room and everyone will just have to get over it. Of course if I had a brain in my head, I would do the laundry room trim while the washer and dryer are in the kitchen!

But I don’t. So I won’t. I’ll do it with scorn and malice when I do the walls in there.

I’m concentrating on the master bath this week – when I am not painting doors. I picked a piece of art to go over the potty. But when I unpacked it tonight, I think it might be too big. So that needs a plan B. I have the shower ready to be set up tomorrow, I have the vanity waiting for install on Friday, I picked up the lights today, I have the towel bars on site. All I need is a Hubs with an hour. If he wants to take a shower, he’ll get it done!

I also picked the color for the closet… Just for you, Cat. It’s called:

OK, looking at it completely out of context I’m thinking it might have been a rash decision. But I’m stuck. I bought it already. I might have enough to do the pantry, too… Shhh, don’t tell the Hubs! It’s be a surprise!

I’m feeling good about turning the sad house into a joyful house. The fun part is starting. Well, except the front door. That’s not fun. But it’s all decided and I just need to do it. Today I said no because we’re moving Friday, it’s bound to get scratched up. Yeah, that’s right, it’ll get damaged. I’ll do it next week…

See a pattern?

A Word from Our Sponsor

I was feeling pretty good today. We attended church, had a great breakfast, obtained what we needed from Home Depot. What can possibly go wrong after all that?

While the Hubs built another part of the vanity (there’s a middle piece with drawers) I painted the bathroom. The more paint that went on the walls, the better I felt about the decision of not going with the inspiration. No one would ever see it, so doing the hall bath makes more sense.

I have to say, I am really digging the way it turned out! I love the blue with the floor!

In case you forgot, Before

The lights are still there, but everything else is freshened up. I really need a couple hours to figure out what lights will be best there… Maybe it’ll happen after everything else is in. What is there now is really hideous, so I better get cracking!

After I was done cleaning up, I got a call from the Kraken. I’ll spare you the details, but suffice to say it was unpleasant. She was telling me how her life is a wreck.

I get this call a lot. I tell her she does things to make her life hard.

She agrees.

I give suggestions on how she can better manage herself.

She agrees.

A couple days later I get another call.

It makes me sad, frustrated, and irritated. And the worst part is, she’ll say she loves me, hang up, and I’ll be left trying to figure out what I could have done better.

And then I’ll rehash the whole thing with the Hubs. And still feel like I failed as a mother.

Grrr! It’s so annoying! Anyone else have these wonderful bouts with their kids?? I wish she would reflect on her life and make changes. But she won’t. I have 2 very unpopular suggestions for her:

Get your head out of your ass and do things differently. My mother was very big on that one – and pull yourself up by your bootstraps. I am not sure when or why that became such a terrible thing. Because honestly, it worked for me. Sure, I was crowding 30 and had an impressive amount of screwups behind me, but I was able to to turn it around. There is no reason she can’t as well.

The other is FROG (fully rely on God), but she won’t even hear it. Tonight she actually said, “Sure I’ll know where I’m going when I die, but what about now? It’s just stupid.” I told her about the peace, she came back with the guilt. And I wished I could explain it better. But I know she can’t hear it. All she listens to is that she is fully committed to being a victim.

And I hate that. As a Bootstraps gal, I cannot even imagine why anyone would want to be a victim.


A Vanity Win

Today we drifted over to the the house with the best intentions.

It didn’t really pan out.

But we did take this:

And make it into something lovely:


Which I think we can all agree is much better than this:

On Friday the plumbers come back and will install the vanities and sinks, faucets, and a new potty in the hall bath. Let’s just all keep thinking positive thoughts that the tiling will be wrapped up BEFORE then.

I had another fail. I’ve lost my inspiration card! So for expediency, I am using my old shower curtain and painting this bathroom to match. I’m a tiny bit disappointed, but I’ll make the closet into something weird to quell the sadness. And once I lay hands on the card again, I will take it directly to the paint store and pick out 2 wildly fabulous colors and get that bathroom cooking!

Yesterday there was a ton of tiling. It’s looking really good, the more that gets done the more I love the floor. Which I wasn’t expecting. I just wanted a light neutral floor that felt good on bare feet. So this is such a bonus! I’m hoping they can finish the tiles Monday. But I am not really relying on my time table! If I were, they would have wrapped it up on Thursday! Shows what I know!!

I do need to paint the bathroom maybe tomorrow. Today the Hubs did the texture on the fixes I’ve been working on all week. I gotta admit, I have a real love/hate relationship with orange peel texture right now. On the one hand, I love smooth walls… on the other, I am a really lazy sander. The orange peel texture covers a LOT of laziness! Would I pick it? Probably not. But now that I have to live with it, I’ve decided to see its virtues.

Day Three

I used to be a morning person. I used to pop out of bed and do all the things all day long.

Operative words being “used to.” Now, I’m on Day 3 of getting up at 6 to be at the house by 7 to sit around all day doing nothing. It’s exhausting! I don’t know how you people do this every day.

Today I was so bored I actually weeded a portion of my lawn with my bare hands! OK, I call it a lawn, but really it’s just 100 different species of weeds and I picked one to attack today. That is some next level boredom.

Meanwhile, inside the house there is actually tiling happening! And a lot of it! My bathroom is tiled. Tomorrow a new potty is being installed and I am again beside myself with glee! Not over the new potty, of course, but over a room I might one day consider walking barefoot in.

Today I feel like the ick is leaving the house. I know it’s definitely on the run, but tomorrow I might find some corner with ick in it and will again despair.

What can I say, I’m unstable.

But this was the end of day 2…


Oh crap… I don’t have a “today” oh well, I do have this:

Master Bath
More Master Bath

You’ll have to wait for grout to see the rest!

My Tile pile is dwindling. But don’t worry, I’m told there is another palette load in the truck.

I got to actually touch my laundry room tiles today! I’m thinking about leaving the door off the laundry room just so I can look at them 100 times a day! That’s not the only reason why though. There is a door to the garage in the laundry room, and they open into each other. I find it monumentally annoying maneuvering around them. However, I really hate a laundry room in the kitchen. It’s gonna be a fight to the death! Which will win? Door? No door?? Right now my money is on the no door option, but can I get over laundry in the kitchen?

And to make today perfect, the Hubs told me a story about some dude who almost died eating leftover Chinese food. WHAT? I will surely die if I never eat Chinese food leftovers! Leftovers are why I order so much! But is it worth the risk? As he told the story I was coming up with ideas of WHY the Chinese food almost killed someone. Must have been user error.

I might have a problem.


Or at least I was until 5 seconds ago when I got some weird water/trash bill from my apartment for $95! WTF?! Up til now, it’s been like $30. I guess I am glad I’m on my way out…

Anyway… You GUYS! Today the Hubs got a return call from the flooring people. He wanted to confirm they are coming tomorrow to do the bathroom. Turns out, they ARE! And what’s even better is the guy said they are doing the WHOLE tile job!

I can NOT express how excited I am! I mean WAY beyond excited! I feel all giddy inside!

Today began so early. Obscenely early. Like Auntie early. We got up and headed over to the house to meet the plumbers at 8. And when we got there, Kim told us she sent them on another job and they’d be there by 9:30… I kinda thought the Hubs was gonna cry. He coulda slept in on his day off. In a perfect-day kind of way though, they called me and said they would be there in 10 minutes, and showed up at 8:30. By 10 they were gone and left us with this:

Now you see it…
Now you don’t!

And just like that, what would have taken us hours to do, it was done. What was left behind was not too appetizing, but at least the potty and vanity are gone for good.

While the Hubs did this:

And by “this” I mean hanging this light, not just turning it on!

I did this:

Repaired and primed

I had to re-do the bit in between the faucets and in the corner with some mud. I’ll sand and re-prime when I can get in there next. Because FLOORS!

We also did this:

No mirror!
Maybe the darker green instead

We somehow managed to removed a giant mirror from the wall and get it into the garage without breaking it. Now if we only knew what to do with it… We’ve also added a new color to the mix. I am really struggling with this choice. And now that we’re getting FLOORS! I feel like I really need to pick it. I’m on the verge of playing it safe and just using my old favorite shower curtain and painting the walls to match it. I can play fast and loose down the line in the hall bath. But I don’t really want to do that.


I’m beside myself with glee!!!