Hittin’ The Big Time

I have big news!

Sit down for this… Ready?

I’ve gotten 10 likes!

My world is rocked! I’m a social media goddess!

OK fine, you got me. I’m not any kind of goddess.

Anyway… I promised you pictures… so here you go!


Guest Room

Do you love what I’ve done in here? And no Cat, this is NOT a lovely shade of yellow, it just has good morning sun!

Living Room
Dining Room Before Moving In
After Moving

Because my actual bedroom looks like this:

And I’ll leave you today with some serenity

Pictures to Dryers

Thought I would start with a picture today. This is my dining room. I have been bringing my pictures over and hanging them on walls throughout the house to get them off the floor. I have missed my art. True most of it is $25 canvases from the home store, but some of it is actually pricey, or one of a kind, or from an artist friend. Wait til I show you my Bob! My sister and mom have one as well, but I got mine first so it’s somehow special-er!

Where was I?

Oh! I got an email today from the floor lady. My bathroom will be tiled Tuesday the 22nd. I couldn’t believe it because I had pretty much given up on it happening, and my plumber is scheduled to come out on the 24th! I did email her back to clarify she means the 22nd of Feb, because coincidentally there is also a Tuesday the 22nd in March. She responded: “Yes, the 22nd” which totally did not answer my question, but I’m choosing to have faith. The Hubs, not so much.

But, I was able to reschedule the plumber for Monday, so it’s all working out – as long as she meant February.

My three doors are all finally painted and curing as we speak. I also painted the trim associated with those doors. After they get re-hung, I’ll do three more. Can I just share with you how much I hate painting trim? I’m currently ignoring the baseboards, but will have to paint them at some point. I’m pretending the tiling will wreck my work, so I am waiting.

Office closet

I did, after all the whining, paint the closet. OK, 2/3rds of the closet. Today I took the shelf down and patched the holes. Tomorrow I’ll work it til it’s ready for paint. I have a vague idea of what the Hubs has planned, but as soon as the paint is done, I’m tapping out. Except the damned baseboards… I’ll have to crawl around and get those done.

I got my washer and dryer yesterday. It makes a hideous racket, so I’ll be calling someone out to take a peek at that. The dryer has an end-of-cycle buzzer that is so loud and long I’m pretty sure even if I am at the beach I will know when my laundry is dry. I’m not even sure what the purpose of it is. Who really cares if your dry clothes sit in the dryer an extra hour? Why is it so loud? And so long? Clearly, my new dryer is going to have surgery. Soon.

I guess that is all for today. Long weekend coming up! There will either be real progress or a lot of sand in the car…

Thresholds Met

Yesterday I did things I didn’t think I’d do.

I have been very clear with myself about touching parts of the Sad House. OK, that doesn’t sound right. Let me clarify. I mean I won’t walk barefoot in there. I won’t pick something up off the floor and declare “3 second rule!” I just won’t.

More clarification. I normally would. I know, it’s gross. I’ll also eat off your plate and drink out of your glass. What can I say? I was raised properly. Thanks Mom!

Back to yesterday. I went over in the morning and got ready to paint. Usually when I go over there I’m dressed for war. Covered head to toe in clothes I can wash in scalding hot water if something warrants it. But my painting jeans are packed. I have precious few pair out and I don’t want to burn any on paint. I’m a very messy painter. So I’m left with no options except a pair of shorts I hate.

I have not painted in years. I honestly forgot. I put on the shorts and a shirt I filched from the Hubs. And I stirred, poured, got all my brushes ready, put on some music and started. And then:

I’m gonna have to get on the floor to do the cutting in.

Oh the horror! I am literally in the belly of the beast here. I don’t have a drop cloth. And I’m wearing shorts.

The Hub’s office is the kid’s room. This is where all the nasty sticky teenaged boy stuff happened.

Oh, stop! Not like that. Just disgusting boy stuff.

Anyway… At first I was determined not to let that carpet touch me. This is a representation of me in the beginning:

Not touching the carpet with bare anything

I’m getting in groove, I’m doing the corners, I’m doing up near the ceiling.

Hmmm, color seems a little saturated

And then I have to do the baseboard cut in. I’m in a tight crouch trying to get a straight line. Nope. Maybe a different angle. Nope.


And before self preservation kicks in, here’s me:

I’m painting along, legs and forearms on the carpet and it occurs to me I have broken the seal. Next thing I know I’ll be walking barefoot in this place. But I swear I’ll draw the line at the 3 second rule.

A couple hours after I started, I was done. I was fully expecting a rash to appear, but so far, I’m good. And although I am surprised at the color, when I previewed it to the Hubs he seemed OK with it. Of course he also quipped if he doesn’t like it I can paint over it.

Yeah, that’ll happen.


I did not do inside the closet yet, and we’re in negotiations about what to do with those bi-fold doors and wire shelf. I think you know what I would do! When he next is over there, the decisions will be made and I can move forward. I have yet to get the paint for the trim and doors… I’m thinking something not bright white. I’ve slated tomorrow as a shopping day to make these choices.

And who knows, I might paint again, now that my threshold for gross has been shattered.