RIP Tina

Auntie just told me Tina Turner passed. What a loss for the world, she was an amazing performer. I know we still have all her stuff, but it’s just sad when a powerhouse is no longer in this life. Maybe I’ll get to meet her in the next.

The days here have been rainy and unsettled. Which has been pretty perfect for reloading the kitchen as there is nothing to steal my attention.

I unpacked the last kitchen box this morning. Well, except for a hoard of wine glasses that need to be washed and put on top of a cabinet that has yet to be installed. No rush on that one!

Rainy day:

My cooking is not going over well with the Hubs. I think he would prefer I stay with the usual fare of beef, pork, normal chicken. I made the Thai peanut noodles last night and really liked them. I will make them spicier next time as I know the Hubs will not be partaking. Tonight I am giving him a break and not cooking.

I took the suggestion LDSVenus put forth and made some Paint pictures of the mailbox in black, white, and the current color to see which one I liked best. I added some robust purple flowers and decided the current color wins. It looked the best and 3 days into it, I’m not unhappy with it. I still need to do touchups, and now that it’s rained, the box should be clean-ish. I can evaluate if it needs painting as well. Now all that has to happen is plant survival!

I’ve been making slow progress on my new blanket:

I’m not seeing it yet, but it’s a tumbling blocks pattern. It’s fairly easy to follow the pattern and watch TV, but I have had to undo chunks here and there. All the markers help me not get too off course.

This afternoon 3 seconds after I sat down this happened:

This is Mayhem smooshed against me while I try to knit. He doesn’t seem to mind being elbowed, though.

I was working on this shawl:

I bought one skein of a hand painted sock yarn ages ago and have been looking at it and wondering how to do it justice. It’s from Done Roving Yarns, their Frolicking Feet line. The yarn feels really wonderful while working it, but I’m a little disappointed in the way it’s looking. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this. I still find it pretty, but I don’t love the way the colors are coming out. It’s also really dark (which is why I loved it on the hank) so it’s hard to work at night.

But that’s OK, Mayhem and I smoosh up close in the afternoons and do a few rows!

Yesterday I started hanging my tiles in the kitchen:

The Kraken brought this and another one back from Portugal. I’ve been waiting to hang them forever. I put up my other tiles around the window. The kitchen is now looking more lived in and less sterile. It’s good to have the normal chaos happening on my walls again!

Rainy Day

What is it about a rainy afternoon that makes you want to read? If only I was reading something good, this would be a perfect afternoon.

It’s rainy and thundery and Mayhem isn’t even scared. Havoc on the other hand is nowhere to be found.

Yesterday since the Hubs was at work, I took the opportunity to clean out all the drawers and cabinets. I could not fill them because they didn’t have knobs and that was gonna cause a mess.

After dinner the Hubs was all about getting that chore done. Sure, yeah, the cabinets and drawers need to be re-cleaned, but it’s just the front parts.

I was going to use different knobs for the peninsula, but it would have equaled a lot more work for very little gain, so we used these. I reserve the right to change my mind down the road, however.

I sent this pic to Big Sister in the afternoon to help me decide placement:

I couldn’t decide if I liked them better in the middle or at the top. She said middle:

She was right!

Tomorrow the plumber is coming to hook up the sink. The kitchen will be functional at that point, well except for all the empty cabinets and drawers!

Meanwhile, the blue bearded repair man has been back 3 times so far. Today he discovered the ice maker line was frozen up again – which he should have checked last time he was here, but didn’t. He assured me today that it should all be working fine now.

For some reason LG sent me an invitation to review their product.

So I did.

I’m not sure they will quite appreciate my “honest and thoughtful” review.

Last question was, “Would you buy LG again?” I said, “I might buy a TV (but probably not), but I will NOT buy another kitchen appliance from a tech company. Lesson learned.”

I finally finished my square blanket:

It’s sort of square! The pattern said to do stockinette stitch for the last few rows so it doesn’t curl. Well, for some reason I stopped increasing while I was doing that because the pattern was unclear. That turned out to be a mistake! If I had kept increasing, it would lie flat.

Lotta lessons learned this week!

Anyway, here is a link to the pattern: ( )

It’s a super easy and very customizable blanket.

I now have 3 blankets ready to go. Next time I head over to that side of town, I’ll drop them off and hopefully they will find good homes!

This is how kittens spend sunny afternoons:

I love that they still snuggle.

Even if it is a thinly veiled power struggle.

Forward Motion

As it happens, the Hubs said he can fix the fridge. He ordered the part and we’re just waiting for it to show up. I just hope we don’t run out of ice before it arrives.

Over the weekend, we were talking about the kitchen and how can we make it more better-er while we wait for Brandon to free up. We are going to bring in 2 of the peninsula cabinets and put a piece of plywood over them and call it done.

Then Tuesday night Brandon texted me. He has this weird sense of humor that sometimes throws me. He asked if we had sold the house.


I asked him if his ears were burning, because we had just talked about him.

Long and short of it is, he is coming on Tuesday to get the kitchen installed.

I am cautiously optimistic it might happen. Sunday and Monday I will take all the parts out and bleach the cement parts of the floor. That way I’ll know they are clean under the cabinets.

Yesterday I secured my counter top from a small dealer in a very sketch part of town. I think I might have to go back one more time, which I am not excited about. But I should have counters in 2-3 weeks. Maybe. I really hope Brandon has a vague plan for a sink hookup for that time. I don’t even care if it’s a faucet screwed into a hunk of plywood at this point.

In case you’ve forgotten, here is the camp kitchen we’ve been using since January:

Now that there is an end date, I cannot even describe to you how much I hate the broke-assed cabinets and counters. Plywood might just be a step up.

I already know what I am gonna cook the day after the counters are installed!

I was in and out most of yesterday, so I did not work on my closet. I did take some flak from the paint dude when I bought a gallon of the yellow. He remarked he was glad he didn’t live where this being used.

Really? Whatever happened to if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything?

This morning it was raining, but I dodged raindrops to the shed with some paint. I got a coat of the yellow on the shelf supports. Right after I got in the house, the heavens opened. Whew! I touched up the closet and then put it all away so I could get ready for a haircut.

It took me 20 minutes to get 5 miles, the roads were flooded, the rain was sheeting, there was thunder and lightening – very cool lightening. I felt kinda stupid, braving the weather to get a damned haircut! I should have cancelled, but I didn’t want to have to deal with it next week.

Now it seems to be passing. It left a little over 3″ of rain for us. My rain barrels are full! Of course I don’t need anymore water right now. The grass will be knee high by the weekend.

I’m about 30 rows away from finishing this blanket:

The stripes aren’t exactly centered, but I still think it looks OK. It’s a nice light blanket, good for the area. When it’s done I’ll move to the square one and then drop them off so I can start over.

Friday Update

This morning while I should have been sleeping, I was surfing around facebook. I saw a gal who is the same age as me. She is, of course, stunning and young looking and oh so happy.

Yes, she was always the popular, beautiful girl. No, we were never really friends.

Am I jealous? Sure, what Plain Jane isn’t? I’m sure she is plastered, treated, botoxed, colored, and plumped to within an inch of her life. OK, now I’m not jealous. Who has time for that? I sure don’t.

It’s good to be reminded of the lie of social media.

The other day I met with the woman about the pelicans. She said, “Don’t judge, I look terrible, I’m renovating my house.” I replied, “I look like 10 miles of rough road on my best day, I don’t judge!” I never heard someone laugh at that. But laugh she did. And standing in the middle of the Hobby Lobby parking lot in her slippers, she was more beautiful than the prom queen.

Here is my new pelican:

He is an exact replica of my blue pelican. The Hubs thinks I should paint them both to reflect what they look like in real life:

He even went into an exhaustive tutorial of how to get the feathers right.

Yeah, I’m not doing that.

There is another one, but I don’t have a pic of him yet. They both have stickers on their beaks that I have to remove. I’m sure that will be fun.

After I met the pelican lady, I met Dominique for lunch. Much to the waiter’s dismay, we took up a booth for about 4 hours! It was lovely to sit and talk about all sorts of stuff with her.

My peace lily is making flowers. I was starting to think he needed a new home, but then this:

I did a little work on the guest room closet. Last night the Hubs took the defunct alarm box out and patched the hole:

I took the shelf out and scraped the junk off the walls, then mudded. This morning I sanded and mudded again:

Will take maybe 2 more passes, then some snot, and it’ll be paint ready.

I was scrolling through HGTVs 50 things you can do this weekend and got to #6 – remove popcorn ceilings. I actually thought about it. I read the article about how to do it. 5 easy steps. I actually considered it. What if I do the closet? It’s small, contained, if it doesn’t work no one will ever know.

I brought it to the Hubs. And we wondered how many people are falling for that 5 easy steps shit this weekend. Is someone looking at that saying, “Yeah, I’ll do my living room this weekend. What can possibly go wrong?”

That makes me laugh. I’m really good with a putty knife but I know how easy it is to destroy a ceiling removing popcorn. But I kinda want to do it because there is some funky gunk stuck in all my popcorn. But I won’t do it. I won’t even hire someone to do it. I shoulda done it before I did the floors. I’ll settle for vacuuming the loose popcorn off every so often. At this rate in about 15 years my ceilings will be smooth.

I would do this instead, though:

Guess what?

We’re getting fiber!

But wow are they making a big fat mess getting it here!!! They did not hit anything important, that hole on the other side of the driveway has an intact sprinkler pipe cutting through it.

Color me impressed. I was expecting the worst.

Can my front lawn look any worse?? This is pretty much where I want my mythical tree, but I have to wonder if it will die because there is something weird going on right there.

I finished my mandala blanket, it’s kinda small, but I just could not do any more:

It’s big enough for a car seat or stroller, so it’s not a total waste.

I started a new square blanket:

It doesn’t look square yet, but it will, eventually. I had to pickup and knit 100 stitches around the edges, and that didn’t go exactly as I thought I would, so I have tabled this trying to decide if I should re-pickup the stitches to be flatter.

On the other hand, I do like the bump as the stitches change direction. So I’ll sit on it for a little bit longer and work on this one in the mean while:

Rather than a big random stripe in the middle of the blanket, I decided to do 2-3 stripes at random intervals and maybe widths to make it look intentional. Only challenge here is not run out of either yarn at the wrong moment.

And since it’s Friday, I’ll treat you to some real joy:

Aren’t they all grown up?

Tapping Out

It’s been a real mixed bag of progress and setbacks around here.

This afternoon I was feeling pretty good and I got all my chores done. I sat down to tackle my sweater. I’m at the sewing together part. Got the shoulders seamed, no issues. Next direction was set in the sleeves.

After futzing with it for about 30 minutes, I texted Auntie for help. A few back and forth texts revealed there’s an error in the pattern.

Of course there is!

So I’m left with the decision to take the sleeves apart and do them again, or, take all this delightful yarn and make something I can actually do.

I think you know what I’m gonna pick.

I’m tapping out. I can not do this right now. I followed the directions to the letter. I trusted the pattern. I took my time and really wanted this to happen.

And if this isn’t bad enough, I threw it on to see about the size… It’s so freaking big.

This is what you get for not buying patterns.

I can admit when I’m beat. No sweaters for me.

Anyway, I live in the south, what do I need with a sweater?

Ugh, it’s just so maddeningly frustrating.

The Breakfast Club keeps popping into my head, “…So you just stick to the things you know: shopping, nail polish, your father’s BMW, and your poor, rich drunk mother in the Caribbean.”

Gah, I love that movie! Every so often the Kraken will text me a line from it and is ALWAYS surprised I know EXACTLY when in the movie it occurs and who is speaking. It’s like she forgot I showed her the movie first.


Yesterday I decided to tackle this pile:

I hung some pics and filled in some of the blank spot:

When I was done, I had to giggle. I didn’t so much clean up the pile as spread it out:

Yeah, that’s much better!


Today I tackled the guest room closet. I think I made progress:

Except, this is what the guest room looks like:

Progress? Nope.

But later I went in and cleared off the bed. Now there are neat piles all around the room. I did manage to fill a pretty large box with stuff for donation, and put a bin full of winter stuff into the attic.

I’m gonna be out most of tomorrow, so Thursday I’ll tackle taking the shelf and alarm box off the walls and repair the damage. I’ll pick up a can of paint on my way home tomorrow and it’ll be off to the races.

Painting and drywall repair, that I can handle.

The Hubs picked this for the walls:

Don’t get overly excited at his skill, I gave him a small sampling of the colors I had narrowed it down to! I was leaning toward another color, but I’m gonna let him have the win. The yellow does looks better with the room color.

Tomorrow I’m having lunch with Dominique. We’re doing a tour of all the Mexican restaurants in town. Should take about 10 years, there are MANY.

She asked me to bring her some Mexican Petunias, so I liberated these from the neighbors fence jumpers:

She is getting the one on the right. The one on the left is a new liberation. I’ve been nursing Dominique’s along for a couple weeks and I’m pleased at how perky they look. I’m curious if she even remembers she asked for them!

I’m also supposed to meet a lady we met over the weekend. She’s gonna give me some cement pelican yard art. I’m reasonably excited, yet not really sure she’s gonna show up.

And that is all I have to say today.

Studiously Ignoring

Yesterday Havoc opened the screen door and went on walkabout.

Which is just one more thing that is pissing me off about the windows. There is no latch on the screen for the slider.

But every time I think about this, my heart pounds and I see red. I’m gonna give myself a heart attack. I gotta quit this.

I’m turning my attention to other things.

Like my herb garden:

While I was doing this – in a rage – I picked up the resident toad. Talk about a surprise. I would NEVER touch a toad in real life! Yes, I had gloves on, but still. GROSS! I guess he was chilling under the soil, so when I picked up a clump of grass, there he was in my hand. I probably squealed, but I can’t say for sure. I do know I considered throwing my gloves away.

Toads are these creatures steeped in childhood fears for me. When we lived in Hawaii there was talk about poisonous giant toads that lived in the drainage ditches and would spit up to your second story windows at night. As an adult with an actual brain, I am sure that is not true, but as a 6-7 year old, that shit was real. I now realize this is one of the downsides of an older brother.

Anyway, the Hubs wants to build a cat proof cage for the catnip. As you can see the ones I planted are all gone now. I think he put some blood meal in here yesterday, and today I bought natural mulch to add once everything is planted. Then it will be up to this little garden to produce what it will. In the fall, I’ll mix under the mulch, add more compost, and some other junk for planting in the spring. Hopefully it will produce lots of fresh herbs for us over the years.

The Hubs has a new project. He saw a video about growing onions. So now we are growing onions. In the kitchen. Let me tell you, that first night was just awful. The smell of onion was so strong! But now it’s not so bad. He is constantly upgrading the vehicle. It started in a martini glass. Now it’s in some leftover McD cups.

This was them the first couple days:

We’re progressing well:

I think those little nubs are supposed to turn green and grow up like onion grass. There is talk about putting this in potting soil, and also making more. I really dread the smell of the start and might encourage him to start it in the shed! He thinks we can get lots of new onions out of this method, making it possible never to have to buy them again. If this is true, I’m all about it. We put onions in everything around here!

At this rate, in about 100 years we’ll be totally off the grid!

I’ve been knitting. A lot. I finished all the books I borrowed from the library, so the afternoons have been empty. I’ve been working on my blankets:

I still hate the mandala yarn, but yesterday I started in the green and worked up to the pink. I really just want to be done with it. On the other blanket, I am into my 2nd skein, so I am pretty sure I am going to run out of yarn. I bought a fresh skein of green in this yarn (could not find the pink), I’ll add it after this skein is done. It’ll probably look weird to have a random 2nd color right smack in the middle, but whatever.

I got a really kind email from the place where I dropped off the first batch of blankets. That really helped with the rage. It’s nice to be reminded everyone on earth is not a jerk.

I’ve started making a plan for the closet in the guest room. Yesterday I opened the door to maybe pack away some of the junk in there. After about 3 seconds, I closed it again.

I just could not deal with it:

Today while I was at Home Depot I looked at closet stuff, priced shelving, and started thinking about what I actually need this closet to do. Next time the car is out of the garage, I’ll bring down a few bins to put this stuff in and then really get into this. I know there will be drywall repairs, and painting, so there’s a fair amount of prep work to get done. If I tackle it next week, maybe we can get rebuilding next weekend.

Or maybe I should just wait til it’s too hot to do yard stuff…

The Ants Are Back

Every spring are the ants just gonna invade my kitchen?

Is this my life?

They have yet to show up in force, so there’s that. The scouts are being drowned in soapy apple cider. Hopefully, eventually they will get discouraged and move on.

I don’t really think that is what will happen, but I’m lying to myself right now.

After claiming they don’t know when, AT&T seems to be bringing fiber to my neighborhood “soon.” Ordinarily, we would be over the moon about this. We have never lived in a place where fiber actually showed up.

Granted, it’s not here yet, but they have left all sorts of equipment around yards. That speaks to forward motion, right?

What’s the downside? Well, about a month ago our “introductory” plan expired. The Hubs called everyone and their grandmother trying to get answers as to whether or not we should sign up for a 24-month plan for internet so we could avoid rate hikes.

After 2 days on the phone and web, he decided fiber was no closer to us than it ever is, and we signed up for a plan. Sure, we’re saving $15 a month for two years, but if we want to cancel to get the phantom fiber, we have to pay $360 to break the contract. I did the math, it’s all the money we would be saving.


There are NO deals to be had in this world.

Was there any doubt the ants would come back?

Over the weekend while the Hubs did Hubs chores, I edged another of my veggie gardens:

I want you to know I totally planned them not to line up.

OK, I really didn’t, and while I was doing it I had this image in my head:

But when it was all said and done, I don’t hate it. I did have the opportunity to watch the Hubs mow around all this, and it seemed like a big pain in the ass. I suppose it would have been easier if they were perfectly aligned. But if he had wanted them perfectly aligned, I would not be doing this project at all!

Actually, I see them all connecting someday, so I’m really not too bothered by the random nature of my squares.

Or that they are not really even square.

I’ll probably do the other two this weekend. Anything to kick the moat project down the road a little bit.

I have sweater news!

Yesterday I sent a random note to someone who has one skein of the yarn I need in her stash. To my utter shock and delight, she answered and said she would be happy to send the skein to me! I was pretty shocked that she didn’t just ignore me. But in a week or so it should arrive and I can continue to ignore my sweater.

Actually, I was so excited, I finished the sleeves last night. I don’t know if making them in tandem was the best option, but it really worked for me. I wish I had done the fronts like that. Right now I hope they match, but I will not be shocked if they don’t.

I blocked the sleeves and back this morning:

Clearly, I need a sunroom because until these dry, there’s no dinner being served here!

This is my first time using blocking pins, and I gotta say, I did not know what I was missing! These things are the bomb. I’m sure when used with the blocking wires I’ll get perfect outcomes.

I have two blankets going right now:

This is yarn Auntie sent me a few months back. It’s super soft and fine to work with so far. This pattern is called “Lars and the Real Girl” by Tanis Grey. It’s kind of my go-to blanket right now. I don’t really know why, but it does look nice when it’s done.

I’m only 3 rows into the other one, so I really have nothing to show yet. I’m using a striping yarn and I’m not really sure it will lend itself to this blanket. I’m afraid the color will change every 2 rows and give a frenetic look to the blanket.

I got a new rug for my desk area:

It’s a lot less dark and heavy than the other rug I had. It’s still a small corner, but I’m trying to make it my own. I keep thinking I really should sand down that drawer unit and paint it something cheery. But I won’t til I get very bored and we’re just not there yet!

The Hubs re-jiggered my little corner to make it less cluttered looking. I still need to hang pictures, and well, clean up my piles. Currently, I’m working on emptying drawers of junk and making room for different junk, which is why I’m starting blankets. I take yarn out of a drawer, cast on, and then stick it in a bag and put it in another drawer.

What? It’s a great system!

I’m now thinking the reason I can’t get settled is because I have two under utilized closets. No, I am not going to show them to you, you’ll get all judgy and say they are anything BUT under utilized.

I picked out some paint samples last time I was at the Depot and am in process of picking one. Once I do that, the bug will take me and I’ll start pestering the Hubs to build out the linen closet.

And then all my storage problems will disappear.


Today I got some closure. This morning about 11:45 I got a call from the window guy. Instead of saying he was on his way, he said it was really raining hard and he wanted to cancel.

I’m sorry, WHAT?

He made noises about installing screens in the rain and it would be better to reschedule.

WTF Dude? Are you made of sugar?

I was on the verge of freaking out, but there were strangers in the house and I didn’t want to scare them. I calmly asked if the weight/balance thing could be done from the inside.

He said it could.

I asked if it was difficult to install a screen door.

He said it wasn’t.

I said, “Great, then you can come and fix the window and if it’s too scary, you can just leave the screens in the garage.”

He was here at 12:10.

When I opened the door he said, “It was raining really hard downtown.”

WTF Dude, are we downtown? Nope. Get your ass out there and install 2 freaking screens. Then get in here and fix my kitchen window.

At 12:35 he was on his way.

Really? WTF Dude? It’s rain.

Tomorrow the inspector comes and then I am so done with Folkers, Anisha, and all the other wretched people who sell windows.

I mentioned there were strangers here.

At 8:15 the electrician showed up. The Hubs relayed everything on the list. And then went to work. The electrician got straight to it.

I mean really, is that so difficult? Why can’t the window people operate like this?

There was a long period of measuring, and then he did this:

That stupid light, the one that makes me so crazy, came down.

And then another dude showed up and wires got pulled through the attic. We had them pull Cat6 wire so we could wire the internet in different places and not rely on Wi-Fi. The Hubs also had them install a 20-amp circuit in his office.

Then this happened:

Instead of that ugly light, we’ll now have 3 over the non-existent peninsula.

Right now they look a little weird just hanging there over nothing.

But someday it will all make sense.

I hope.

By 1:30 everyone was gone and I was able to clean up and wash the floor.

While they were working, I was knitting the sleeves of my sweater.

You know what I discovered? I’m gonna run out of yarn. And it’s discontinued. I think the universe does not want me to knit a sweater.

I did get my shawl finished and blocked:

It took me a sec to locate the extra hole, but I eventually did:

It’s not horrible, but I’m still sending it off into the world. It’s made from Rowan baby merino silk dk in the color of strawberry. It’s not as red as looks, it’s a little heathered. It’s 25″ deep and 67″ across.

If anyone wants to give this gem a home, let me know in the comments and I’ll contact you privately and get it to you.

In other news, we finished up the side garden and pump platform:

It’s exactly not what I had in mind. But it’s serviceable, stable, and looks better than it did when we started:

I’ll zhuzh it up over time and be happy enough. I don’t often see it, so it’s not like it’s gonna bug me. Once it all fills in, it’ll be pretty enough to not look abandoned:

That’s what it’s been all about, right? Taking this sad, neglected, unloved house and turning it around.

Two out of three is all I can give currently.

Here’s a little hosta update:

One is pretty much eaten up, one is putting up a good fight, and this one seems oblivious to the struggles!

I think I might actually get one beet this season!

And here is 3 trips worth of bricks:

This is more then enough to line the 4 gardens, the herb garden and the future front yard tree. If we want to pull the trigger on the moat, I’m gonna need 2 more trips of 75 bricks each.

I finally found a place that will take my baby blankets! I used to donate regularly in VA and RI to Project Linus (, but here it’s been a challenge finding a chapter. The Hubs was trying to convince me to become a coordinator, but since I am so socially deficient I don’t think I would have great success at it. I have been looking for a home for my blankets for a while and I have finally found one! It’s called Favor House and they seemed excited to get the blankets. I’ll be going out there Thursday to drop a few off for them.

Maybe I will have an outlet once this house is finally done.

Non Update

There’s not a whole lot going on around here right now. I guess you could say I’m resting on my laurels.

Or I’m getting ready for the next big thing.

Kinda wish I knew what it was gonna be!

In the absence of house drama, I’ve been reading. I just finished Chrysalis, the 3rd book about Jeremey Logan by Lincoln Child. I think I’ve talked about this character before. Anyway, it’s not anything highbrow, just a thriller. I used to read a lot of thrillers and horrors, but I really don’t too much anymore. Maybe I need to get back to that. I can remember reading some books through the night because I was too scared to go to sleep.

Mostly I read in the late afternoon. I lay down on the couch and open a book. Out of nowhere, Mayhem will jump up and stuff himself in next to me.

Time to read:

Actually, all my favorite authors are either dead or just lending their name to new authors. Or, handing off characters to other writers. On the whole, I don’t disagree with this practice, but the new authors more often than not fundamentally change the characters. I can’t get with that. Write your own if you’re gonna do that.

Next time I go to the library, I’m gonna get another thriller.

I’ve been working away at my knitting projects.

I have finished the back and both fronts of my sweater:

Up next is the sleeves. Yikes. I’m thinking I might do them at the same time for uniformity. I was thinking of a variation on magic loop, but it might just be better to drag out 2 needles and just do 10-20 rows on one, then the same amount on the other.

While I’ve been avoiding starting the sleeves, I’ve been working on this shawl:

I have 14 more rows before the next part. I did make a grave error a bunch of rows back (I somehow added an extra hole). When I noticed it, I gave myself 4 rows to make another mistake so I could rip it all out and start over. But oddly, all the counts worked out perfectly. I decided that since I had started this over twice already, I could live with an extra hole. Besides, I’m not loving this yarn, so I really just want to finish this and send it into the world!

Guess what? My bricks went on sale! Hurrah! As soon as I discovered this miracle, I went outside to measure off how many bricks I want to get to finish a few projects.


Give or take.

We went out and got 54 bricks at $.25 each. Over the next few days we’ll go back and get more. And I might get some extra because the Hubs has now floated the idea of making a gravel “moat” around the whole house.

I don’t know how many more bricks I’ll need for that. I suppose I can measure it off tomorrow while we’re out there. I have a little over a week til the sale ends… 50 blocks every time I go out?

I think I just discovered what the next big thing is.

Uphill Climb

Do you ever have a day when you just feel like you’ve been doing all this work and it amounts to nothing?

Today is that day for me.

The Hubs is at work today.

I made a list.

Last night I was all about getting stuff done.

Today, not so much.

I’m really unfocused today. I’ve been wandering around trying to get into a project and I just can’t, I made the mistake of reading earlier and that just made for more wandering.

It seems everything I want to work on is held up by something else. I did clear the top of the last upper cabinets and was tempted to take the one over the fridge down. But then I had a vision of it falling and making a hole in the fridge. I’ll wait for the Hubs. I did vacuum the dust off the top, does that count as progress?

I didn’t think so either.

Yesterday was better.

The Hubs decided to celebrate Washington’s Birthday.

I don’t know what he really wanted to do, but he helped me finish the shelves. By 5 they were all done and ready to hang.

When will they get hung?

Who knows.

Not today, that’s for sure.

I found a cute little box to put on the toilet tank in the hall bath:

I painted it and put it into service. Today I was gonna paint the odd wall in that bathroom. But I just am not feeling it.

I was gonna clean off the dryer, which for some reason is the dumping ground for things coming and going at this house.

Not feeling that either.

I did manage to change my bed. After a rousing game of parachute with tireless kittens.

I have started 3 different shawls this week. For some reason each one has been a complete and utter fail. So much so that I’m thinking of maybe giving up knitting.

OK, that’s not quite true. I am still working on a sweater. I’m progressing really slowly:

I did learn my cabinets should be in at the beginning of March. That’s a lot sooner than I expected. I texted Brandon and he said to let him know when they arrive and he’ll try to meet us there to inspect and collect.

We were thinking we would rent a truck, but this would be better. If he is available. For some reason he seems kind of invested in this kitchen project. I still can’t get a bead on him, but whatever. I guess it doesn’t matter. If he’s offering, we’ll accept.

I need to get serious about a counter. But the Hubs thinks we can keep the temp sink even after cabinets. That probably would be ideal, then I can take my time and get something I really like. And best of all, pay all the current bills before piling on more!

Still waffling on the sink. Black stainless? Regular stainless? Faucet? Black? Brushed nickel?


See? Everything is getting in the way of everything else.