Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One Before

So I’m sitting here playing games on my computer. And I’m listening to the freaking AC. And it’s running and running and running and I think, “Hmmm, it’s not stopping, maybe I better turn it up a little.”

I go over to the thermostat and it says it’s set at 77. And the temp in here is 78.

That’s odd. Usually it can keep that high fairly efficiently.

I set it to 79. I look out to see if the condensation water needs emptying. I notice the outside unit isn’t even on. I go out and empty the nearly empty bucket.

The Hubs is napping.

Let me just pause here and say this morning I was feeling a little not hateful toward this house. I’ll admit it, it’s been building for a few days. I was thinking, “you know what, when the things we’re waiting on start happening, I am going to make an effort to like this house.”

Yeah, that’s freaking over. I am back to full-on hatred of this dump.

I mean seriously. We have been waiting, somewhat patiently, for a new AC system since MAY.


WTF is even happening to this world.

I get it, instant gratification is bad. Fine. But MAY. This is going on TWELVE weeks of waiting. Meanwhile we have shelled out an extra $500 when a capacitor (or whatever) blew. Now it looks like it’s happened again.

I’m coming to grips with the fact I have woken up in an alternate reality where everything is way more expensive and way more unavailable. Fine. Have your freaking fun with it. Pay $5 a gallon for gas, buy your environment-killing electric car, get yourself some 15% efficiency solar panels. Have at it. Save your planet.

Me? I trust God has the planet all taken care of. He likes when we ask to help, but don’t delude yourself, He does not need you to put up a wind turbine to save His planet.

But I digress.

The point is, my freaking AC is out. Again. I have paid an assload of money for a new system that is apparently sitting in someone’s warehouse waiting for a length of copper tubing.

Are you freaking kidding me? Get your ass over here and install the parts you DO have.

I turned up my ceiling fan.

How much you want to bet it eventually crashes to the floor?

I freaking HATE this house.

Drifting Along

I am still not 100% well. And it’s really beginning to irritate me.

But while I’ve been wandering around trying to get better, I’ve been knitting and watching a LOT of TV. To the point where I’m really getting sick of TV.


I finished the blanket I started when this all started. I’m annoyed that the illness is lasting longer than the blanket.

But here it is:

I used up a lot of stray yarn, but I have more. So I started another one. Maybe that one will use up what is left.

In a burst of activity wherein I was completely done sitting around, I went into the guest room. I moved about 3 things to their new places. And then I found a little box and looked inside.

Behold! A Scrapghan!

What the heck is that, you ask?

Well, it’s an ongoing project where I finish a project and then toss the leftover yarn into a box. When I have enough, I work on the scrapghan. Some people call them knotblankets.

I dragged this out and evaluated where I was. It looked like a fair amount of yarn, so I got to it.

I worked on it all afternoon and evening. I’m to the point of decreasing now:

I’ll use up the yarn in the box and maybe add some more I am sure I have lying around before putting it back in its box to collect more yarn. When it’s done, it’ll be a nice square afghan to be donated. From the looks of this, I think I started it when we still lived in Richmond. I guess I have not been too faithful on the knitting!

In other news, I dragged myself outside yesterday to water and do a little weeding. Wow, weeds are virulent around here! One week of no weeding has really taken a toll. I pulled some today, but I’ll be working it a little at a time for days.

That being said, the little garden that could has not really suffered much in my absence.

I’ve got a new daylily:

The morning glories are using the string we gave them:

They look good and not good at the same time. Not sure what is going on with them. I’ve got some purple and some white on the same plant. I’ve got leaves that look like they are suffering, and some healthy looking. I don’t know if it’s because they are in a pot, or they get too much sun, but they can’t seem to decide if they are happy or not.

The oxeye is still holding it’s own. I’m not sure, but I thought I saw a little bud on this, or maybe it was the one in the back yard. I’ll know soon.

A lot of the bareroot items I planted are complete no shows. Some started and are now just stems. Any way you look at it, it’s a bust and I’m not thrilled with the results. But I have a way forward, and when the new fall plants come out I’ll be filling in the blank spots in this garden.

The parts near the sidewalk are doing OK, but the back needs a lot of help. I might stick some evergreens in there as a backdrop. I had originally wanted hydrangeas, but I think it might be too hot and sunny for them to thrive. I think I’ll have to stare at it some more and see what strikes me.

So this odd thing happened yesterday. I was sitting on the couch knitting and I happened to look up and see a pit bull running by the slider. No biggie, right? Except we have a 6′ privacy fence all round the yard. I went out to see if maybe the gate was open, and heard a dude calling the dog. The dog was running around trying to find the exit.

The dude said he jumped in chasing a squirrel. Uh, OK. And soon the dude was in my yard trying to get the dog to jump back over. He clearly was not going to do this. So I went in, thinking I might be distracting the dog. I watched the dude walk around a little as if trying to catch the dog. He was on his phone. He eventually picked up the dog and held him up to the fence and the dog jumped over the other side. Then they guy walked around a little and then went over himself.

I didn’t think much of it, except later I was wondering if maybe the dude was using the dog to case the place. But would someone do that? Throw his dog in a yard so he could come over and look around?

It’s kinda got me freaked out now.

Joke’s On Me

As it turns out, we did have covid. I have mixed feelings about the whole affair.

OK, not really mixed at all. I’m pissed off about the whole ordeal.

No, seriously, don’t come at me with your “Covid’s real” crap. I KNOW it’s real.

Here’s what I am pissed off about:

On Wednesday I went to the ER because for 2 days my throat was just ablaze with pain. I’m not a sissy, I can take pain. But this was bad, like a 38 on a scale of 1-10. Otherwise, I was perfectly OK. The joint pain had passed, the headache was gone. Just the fire throat was left. And all the OTC meds say if you have 3 days of sore throat, see a doctor.

I’m a rules girl.

I went.

The NP comes in and asks me like 3 questions:

Have I had a covid shot?

Have I had a flu shot?

Are there any kids in the home?

Hmmmm. What has this got to do with a sore throat?

He says he’s gonna send in the nurse to do a covid test.

Do you have to? Yes, because if it’s not strep (oh, hello! You’re gonna acknowledge the throat, great) we have to start over.


After talking to an ipad to register, the nurse comes in with 2 q-tips. And yes, that was my first covid test. Oh my God! What is wrong with you people who have had more than one?

Anyway, she leaves me alone for about 25 minutes.

The the NP comes back and happily announces I have covid. Does not say one word about the strep test. Tells me the latest CDC guidelines. Says I have to quarantine for 2 days.

Really? 2 days? Why bother?

Then tells me he’s giving me cough meds (not coughing AT ALL), and an inhaler (not short of breath AT ALL), and some pain meds. (Great, maybe that will help with what I actually came in here for). And leaves.

The nurse comes back in tells me it’s no big deal, she’s had it twice. I ask about the strep. “Oh, that’s was negative.” and about the pain. “This should take care of it, but if not, Cepacol is good.”

So I leave. I look at my papers, and right there in big type is “Reason for visit: Covid”

I absolutely did NOT go in for covid. I went in to see if I had strep throat. Had I gone in with a compound fracture, the paper probably would have said “covid.”

I call the Hubs. And he gets the full brunt of it when he says, “Yeah, I figured.”

WTF? Am I the ONLY person in the universe who didn’t think I had covid?


So I drop off the pain med script. And look for Cepacol. None. It has been removed from shelves everywhere. Yes, I looked. If you really want it, you can order it online for 3x the cost it should be locally.

So I settled for whatever I could get my hands on. And it didn’t work.

I took the pain pill. Then read up on it. It’s for joint pain.


I went to the doctor, made myself a statistic, and did not get one drop of help for the one thing I actually needed help with.

Bottom line. The pain meds made me dizzy and nauseous. I took them for 3 days. I did not eat, I pretty much did not move off the couch except to go to bed. For another day and half I was unable to swallow. I was spraying OTC meds at my tonsils every hour to try to dull the pain. It was not pretty.

The upside? I lost 8 pounds. Not eating will do that to a body.

I stopped the meds on Sat AM. By Sunday I was feeling much better, my throat is at like 98% better. I’m able to eat again, and I’m off the couch some.

Overall, my experience at the ER was less than. My experience with covid was less than. My experience with joint meds was much less than.

Honestly, had I imagined it was covid, I would NEVER have gone in. If I had known the NP was not about to help me, I would NEVER have gone in. I am so pissed off at the medical profession at large. This particular NP was so excited I had a covid he must have gotten a bonus. It’s irresponsible of doctors to be so focused on one diagnosis that everything else goes right out the window.



It’s been a really crap week so far.

First the Hubs was sick. Then I got sick. Now we’re both slowly recovering.

No, we do not have covid. I really wish people could go back to just getting sick every now and then without the world asking if it’s covid. Sometimes, believe it or not, people get sick with other things.

I don’t normally give in to being sick, but this week I did. I have logged many hours on the couch. Today I realized I’ve been staring at this for 3 days:

I know I’m feeling better because I started making a plan to finish this wall on Friday. I could even do the fireplace wall. But any more and I’m running into draperies and drywall repair. So I’ll definitely stop after the fireplace. I could also go down the hall, but again I will run into some drywall repair, the thermostat, and some other obstacles. But if I am sufficiently motivated, I might just take it all on.

While I have been logging couch hours, I am working on my project:

I got this far in one day.

And the next 2 days saw a bit of a slowdown:

I’ve only wiped out 2 colors so far. But I’m currently working on the 3rd. I will surely knock out one more after that. Then I will be left with 2, but they are pretty big. There is a second blanket needed to finish them both. And then, I will have controlled a bit of my stash!

I think I will donate them to Project Linus when they are done.

I finally did some laundry, and just to close the loop, here is how the palate cleanser turned out:

Still can’t really see the Xs and Os, but they are there!

In case you’re following the AC saga… I have not heard a peep since Friday, so I’m gonna assume the line set was not on Friday’s truck, or today’s truck. I’m gonna wait and see if they have anything to say this week.

Sick Day

The Hubs is sick today.

I hate to admit this, but when he is sick or having a bad day, my world kinda spins out of control.

Not in a “I’m gonna commit Hari Kari” kind of way, but things just get off kilter for me.

If you know me, you know I don’t do sick. I don’t know what to do for a sick person, so I steer clear.

If you know the Hubs, you know he likes to be fawned over. At least he used to. Now he’s pretty much come to the realization he’s not getting it. So he takes to his bed and sleeps.

Which throws me off.

Which makes me feel even more useless.

Hence, the spinning.


I have set up a project. To add to the 2 I have going already. But this new one is a stash reducing blanket. Not only is it mindless, it is serving the purpose of control. I am controlling my stash.

I am a control freak.

There, I said it.

Admitting it is the first step to controlling, er, defeating it.


I was supposed to fix my downspout problem this weekend. We got the supplies, I just don’t feel like doing it.

You see, what happened is I did not get the right angle on this:

I was thinking it’s sloped away from the house, all is well.

All is not well! It’s got such a nice slope, water is pouring out of the rocks and under the edging. My bad. I was thinking if I make it longer it will work, but now I’m thinking I might need to adjust the angle as well. So I’m doing the geometry in my head instead of on the ground. I’ll get to it this week.

I started this on Friday:

You can’t really tell, but there are Xs and Os around the border. It’s a washcloth. I finished it last night and threw it in the hamper before taking its picture. I’m hoping the wash will tighten it up and reveal the pattern. Won’t know til laundry day!

I call these palate cleansers. Whenever I finish a big project or don’t know what to do next, I make them. I used to be able to finish one in a night, but now it seems the cotton is too stiff and it hurts my hands too much to do it all in one sitting.

Getting old really sucks.

Yesterday the dirty bird did not poop on my chair. I was kinda thinking maybe he got over it. But nope. He is back at it today. Stupid bird.

Oh! I nearly forgot!

Friday I got a positively information-packed email from the AC people. It was nearly 3 sentences! Upshot was:

You guessed it!

“We hope the linesets will be on the truck today”

“We won’t know til Monday.”

I am ever hopeful I will get a call or an email tomorrow attempting to schedule an install date.

Go ahead, laugh.

I Hate Birds

I have had this chair for 3 days. THREE. I have cleaned bird crap off it about a million times already. WTF bird?

Always the same spot. The Hubs thinks it’s hilarious. I’m just irritated about it.

How do you keep birds away from stuff? Gah, they are SO nasty!

I did the bedroom painting yesterday. Now I’m kinda into getting the rest of the room done. But I need a break because my knee is acting like it’s old and screaming when I kneel down. We all know I can’t paint without getting right down on the floor to do the baseboards!

But I managed to do most of the wall.

Before – vanilla galore:

When I took the outlet cover off I found this:

I mean GROSS! I don’t even want to think about what slid down this wall into the outlet.

At least this is getting replaced.

PSA: If you spill something down the wall and it goes over/into the outlet, for the love of Pete, get a screwdriver, take off the cover and wipe it out.

How difficult is this?

But I digress because I’m annoyed at the world today.

My computer decided the library website is risky. I get it, public institutions are questionable these days. But really? You’re gonna lock me out and make me go talk to the librarian?


And it’s Wednesday. Anyone want to take the odds of the AC line sets being on the truck?

I’m gonna go with NOPE. But at least I’m ready if they ever arrive.

Whoops, I just went on a tangent!

Anyway. Here is the painted bedroom:

A couple of things. I was pretty happy with it until the Hubs came in and said, “Wow! Commodore64 blue!” If that is true, I assure you it was accidental on my part.

But overall, I am liking this. So much so, I am no longer mad at my vanilla draperies. I never thought that would happen!

Here is the color, since my pics never look right:

Now I need a new project. Can’t paint for a while. Don’t want to work in the yard except in small bursts. Been reading a lot. Maybe it’s time to set up some knitting. My last couple attempts have ended in failure, so I’m not anxious to get that going again.

Maybe I need to pick an inspiring yarn and see where it leads.

Tomorrow is errand day. Sadly, I saved them all up and now I’ll be driving all over town to get them done. Oh, and I have to actually speak to the deaf librarian. That’ll really set the tone of the day!

On the upside, I pass a Dunkin Donuts! But my coupon expired.

It’ll be a day of opposites. My favorite.

A New Week

With renewed vigor, I’m back at the improvements. I know I was gonna wait til fall, but as I said, I was getting bored.

But first…

I have a daylily! Well, I have several, but I finally have a couple flowers!

That was a nice reward this morning. The one next to it is getting ready to bloom as well, but no one else is making the effort thus far.

I got my drawer pulls all finished and the Hubs put them back for me:

It’s a little bit of pig lipstick, but the desk is looking a little less forlorn.

On Sunday we built a chair:

I logged about an hour reading in it today and it’s very nice! We have a second one on order, hopefully it will arrive next week. I painted my little outdoor table today. First thing that happened after I finished was it rained.

Second thing was a bird perched on it and pooped.

Have I mentioned I hate birds? They are such dirty creatures.

I cleaned it up and did a little touch up. Why? So the next bird will have a clean place to poop, of course.

There’s been some painting today. It’s not much, but I wanted a clean fresh spot for when the new AC gets here.

On that… Still waiting on the line sets. Maybe Friday. Nope. Maybe Wednesday. Nope. Maybe Friday. Nope. Ever hopeful, maybe they will get here this week.


Here’s a little before reminder:

Some gross:

Some beige:

And when I finished for the day:

I know it seems random and weird, but we’ve opted for a mini split system and a unit is going over the bookcase area. I wanted a clean slate for it. Read: locking in all the yuk that may or may not still be on the wall. If they ever install it, I’ll just have a little touch up work to do around it. And I’ll know behind the unit is clean.

I’ll be doing the same in the bedroom tomorrow. I did paint the trim this afternoon. One piece of trim that won’t need to be done when I decide to paint the rest of the room!

For those of you keeping track, we will be having our first guest in October!

Honestly, I have mixed feelings about this. While I am excited someone is actually coming to visit us, they will also be staying here. Which means I’m escalating my guest room plans. Which means I’ll have to pick a color. Or I can do the safe thing and just paint it a color I already have. Like laundry room, or… dining room? I’ll have to give this some real thought.

The room has pretty intense afternoon sun, so maybe a cool color is a better choice (sorry about the yellow, Cat). I was considering making up the room and spending a couple nights in there while I paint our bedroom.

Maybe that will inspire me.

And Me Without a Camera

Last night we went to the beach after work. I left my phone in the car because honestly how many pics of waves can I show you?

(A million)

We were sitting on a sand ledge surrounded by really big ghost crab holes and talking about what happens next when all of a sudden I saw a ghost crab! Not a little one either, this guy looked like good eatin’!

I reached for my phone.


He hung out a little, looking at us like we were uninvited guests in his living room. Who knows, maybe we were! After he went back into his hole, a second one popped out a little farther away. This one was even bigger! He ventured a bit from his hole, then went back and hung out right next to the opening.

Of course he did, practically posing for Pete’s sake!

At one point some sand shifted and there was a little bit of a freak out thinking maybe a crab was digging its way up to the surface under us.

OK, time to move along!

While walking back to the car, we saw the weirdest thing… A bunch of sand dollars all piled up next to each other, still dark and furry. But they were about 5 feet from the water.

Sort of like this:

Double dammit!

I wanted to run and get my phone, it was so cool and weird. In the end, I didn’t, but we did scoop them up and put them into the water. I’m sure we probably did the exact wrong thing, but they were all little. I didn’t want them to dry out and die.

No more leaving my phone in the car! Except that is pretty much when we see really cool things!

Today it’s all sunny and beautiful out. So we did yard work.

The morning glory is finally blooming!

We gave it some twine to climb on, so at some point it should get a bit higher and and start moving over to the wall on the right. The Hubs put some twine up above the garage door as well, so it will be interesting to see if it goes that way.

One of my daylilies is just about ready to bloom!

And some of my bareroot plants are making a good showing:

Most are still just dirt. I guess if half grow I’ll call it a win.

In the back I’ve got this:

The Hubs asked if it was a weed. I really had not even considered it til that moment. Now I am wondering… is it an oxeye? Is it a weed? I just looked it up… Probably a weed.


But I’ll let it grow some more and see what happens. Still no hostas. I think I am about over the bareroot option. I’ll be springing for plants from now on.

I did another gutter:

The next one is near the rain barrel and requires a bit more thought and material. Then the last one is in the front and I am planning a garden near it, so that will have to wait til the fall.

Oh, the drawer pulls are ready:

I’m not in love with them, but they look much better than before. I’ll let them cure for a few more days and then put them back on the desk.

Here’s a finished one close up:

The paint is supposed to be satin, but I’m thinking I should have gone with matte because they are a little too shiny for my taste.

I have been getting a little bored. How can I tell? I’ve been looking at cats online.

Next week I think I better do a little painting to keep myself occupied!

This afternoon the Kraken reminded me that my birthday is a month away. I think next week I will begin celebrating!

Maybe when the Hubs asks what I want for my birthday I’ll show him:

What do you think he’ll say?

More Paint

For the first time in about a million days it’s not raining, threatening to rain, or grumbling.

I am taking the opportunity to paint up some hardware.

After 2 crock pot soaks, I suppose my drawer pulls are about as clean as they are going to get.

I was looking for a piece of foam to put the screws in while they get painted, but alas, the day after trash day is not a good time to look for scraps!

This is about the best I could find:

And here is how it’s working:

Not too shabby! I managed to only spray over my thumb once.


As for the pulls, they are proving to be a bit of a challenge. I don’t have a box big enough for all of them. Beans! And the actual pull part is pretty floppy. So after I do a coat and wait a little bit, I have to separate the floppy part from the backing so they don’t glue themselves together.

A bit of pain in the fanny, but it’s working out all right.

It’s gonna take a few more coats and more drying time than my patience allows, but we’re working through it.

As long as it doesn’t rain.

In other news, I finished a cowl:

I really have no clue why I made this, I hate them and never wear them. But I had the yarn leftover from a blanket and needed a simple project for TV watching – because after I was assured it wasn’t ruining anything, I started watching The Terminal List.

It’s good. It’s good in an 80’s over-the-top action bonanza way! It’s heavy and a little dark, but so clean and uncomplicated, you can’t help but love it.

Anyway, I’m blocking this now:

I’m gonna need a new project soon.

BTW, if anyone wants this (it’s cashmere, silk and merino), let me know and it’ll be yours!

Bigger Job Than Expected

Today is my favorite sister’s birthday!

She’s having a milestone birthday, but I am not being mean about it because I’m afraid she’ll have a long memory about this one thing!

Mostly I am thinking about the birthday we guiltlessly ate 5 pounds of steamers. That was a great birthday!

I hope she’s having these today!

This morning I got an email from the county – “Residents Encouraged to Monitor Localized Flooding”

Welcome to

Oh boy. What have we done?


Yesterday I took a second look at the drawer pulls.

Yep, still gross.

I took them all off, there are 10 in total. I gave them a little pre-scrub:

The top one is scrubbed, the bottom not. Big difference right?


I got them all ready last night, and this morning I tossed them into the crock with some soap and baking soda.

After about 6 hours, this is a sample:


Well, other than my counter looking like 10 miles of rough road, the soak does not seem to have affected the pull at all.

It’s looking a lot like I’m gonna have to paint these after all.

In the meantime I took some cleaner to the desk. Much more effort than anticipated. It took off a lot of the grime, but the desk still looks rough.

Let’s be real, the years have been unkind to this piece of furniture. If it were mine, I might paint it. If I were alone, I’d leave it by the roadside! But I don’t currently have an alternative, so it’s now clean, and soon the pulls will be clean-er than they were. I might clean it again and see if I get more grime off it.

But right this second, I’m wondering what to do with this:

This was my go-to rag. Now, I think it’s a candidate for trash day. No way am I putting that in the laundry to see if it’ll come clean!